The Rise of Online Gambling

Gambling Nov 17, 2022

Almost 10 million Americans played online gambling games in 2013, a number that is expected to double in size over the next few years. Although the gambling industry is still a relative newcomer, it has been able to carve out a sizeable piece of the pie thanks to the ever-changing gaming landscape. The most popular games are slots, but a growing number of casinos are offering alternative forms of gaming such as online poker and blackjack. These games are a blast to play, allowing for an enjoyable gambling experience without leaving home. The good news for gamblers is that the rules are clear. Several states have taken the initiative to establish regulatory frameworks that make it harder for operators to cheat the system.

In terms of pygmy-sized gambling sites, the US ranks last in the country, but online gambling is no longer limited to the country’s borders. In fact, the hottest gambling markets are in the Asia-Pacific region, with China boasting one quarter of global gaming revenues. Despite the US’s recent ban on legal gambling in states like New Jersey and Nevada, the industry continues to grow. The number of online poker players has grown by nearly one quarter in the last year, and the industry has grown by more than 10% in the last six months.

While the name of the game is up for debate, the internet is a gold mine for information on where to play, what to play and how to play it. For example, a recent survey by the US Department of Justice revealed that the legal gambling market in the country is about one and a half million people, a number that is expected to double over the next five years. The industry is also home to some of the most progressive policies and regulations in the world, with states like Indiana and Pennsylvania putting their money where their mouths are. Moreover, the industry has grown so much that the United States government is considering a second legal gambling jurisdiction in the form of Nevada and New Jersey, a move that could help the industry tap into the region’s burgeoning casino industry.