Make-A-Wish® Tuna Challenge Results

2018 Tournament Results

Richard Thomas Memorial
Grand Prize (Top Angler) Winner

Michael Mooradian 226.60 lb. Blue Fin Tuna Get Knotty

High Club Award

Southwestern Yacht Club Anglers 846.80 POINTS
San Diego Marlin Club 304.80 POINTS
San Diego Anglers 53.30 POINTS

Large Boat division - Team Total

Reel E-Ze 595.80 POINTS No Club Affiliation
Get Knotty 458.40 POINTS Southwestern Yacht Club Anglers
Sauerfish 379.60 POINTS No Club Affiliation

Large Boat Individual - Total

Brian Burke 224.00 POINTS Blue Fin Tuna Reel E-Ze
Leo J. Fahmie 221 POINTS Blue Fin Tuna Sauerfish
Miguel Martinez 216.60 POINTS Blue Fin Tuna Get Knotty

Small Boat Division - Team Total

Reel Hard 48.60 POINTS No Club Affiliation
Shermanator 45.20 POINTS No Club Affiliation
Reel Medicine 44.40 POINTS San Diego Marlin Club

Small Boat Individual - Total

Jon Wilson 16.60 POINTS Blue Fin Tuna Helen C
Arne Carlson 13.80 POINTS Blue Fin Tuna A Fry
Ronson Stermer 12.80 POINTS Yellowfin Tuna Reel Hard

Top Lady Angler Winner

Irene Griqonudis 14.00 lb. Yellowfin Tuna Seacall

Top Junior (12-15) Winner

Nick Genovese 14.80 lb. Yellowfin Tuna Reel Medicine

Top Junior (11 and Under) Winner

Alexander Angeles 13.60 lb. Yellowtail La Mordida

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Volunteers Needed

Every year Tuna Challenge is made possible with the support of generous volunteers, from the awards banquet and fileting fish to collecting donations and much, much more. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact